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Rescue Bikes

bicycle-kid_0A bicycle is simple mechanics…

It is summer. A Saturday. School is out, sunny, not a cloud in the sky.  There is something over there on the other end of this big, black, massive, open, empty parking lot and the young one is ready for this mission.

The child’s feet firmly planted on the ground, legs stand straddled over the machine – hands occupied only by handlebar grips.    Calmly,  the young one looks to the right, awaiting eye contact with Dad.   The 5 year old’s widening smile  says it all.

This mission is a go.  Training wheel detachment sequence activated and we are T minus fifty-nine seconds to lift off.

The child then turns left and is met by a mother’s proud eyes – her hands carefully at work properly fitting, fastening and tightening the bicycle helmet proper. The last of the pre-launch gear is now out of the way and the 5 year old is ready for this ride into what until now has always been only unknown.  The parents – like guardian soldiers-  one jogging to each side of the bicycle, steadily in sync with the young one’s speed.  With the wind at their back, the bike in balance, each quarter stride getting stronger…this acceleration… the well defined point-of-no-return is now no more …evidence by the celebratory  “THIS IS AWESOME!!!”   shout by the young one in addition by the parents unable to jog and keep pace, each raising their arms into the air in a victorious expression…The explosive, awesome  thrill only a 5 year old knows the first time riding a bike without training wheels…

Since starting off in his dad’s garage as a little kid,  Chuck “the Bike Guy” has been a part of making  dreams like these  come true…

My approach to you and your bike is simple.  My role is to ensure that you’re smiling while riding your bike and keeping it that way.

I want you feel as happy as you did the day the training wheels came off.